Tachographs Parisis is a Greek company headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece that adjust, repair, and calibrate all types of tachographs. The company was founded by Pari G. Parisis in 1964 and was operated by him until 2002, when his son Grigoris Parisis took over and operates it till today.
The company is located in 61, Pontou str. In B KTEO Thessaloniki, Greece.
Tachographs Parisis is officially authorized, by the Ministry of Transport & Communications of Greece, for adjusting, repairing and calibrating analog and digital tachographs.
We adjust, repair, calibrate wide range of tachographs, as well as analyze digital tachographs data in electronic form or through print outs.
In our company you will find full range of parts and accessories for tachographs (donor drive, cables, and inverters), as well as wide variety of diagrams (thermographic printing digital tachograph rolls), at the best prices.
We are, here to help you in any way you need.